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by Muriel Harding

In the 80’s God thought it was right

Amongst others, to use John and Margaret White

To bring the scriptures to this place

And learn about His heavenly grace.

They didn’t know if they’d survive

When they started in St. George’s Drive

We now assemble in St. Meryl School

With 40-60 as a general rule.

When I first came, Chris was here

‘Twas the youngsters he held most dear

Then the Crowthers came along

To unify our little throng.

To the children David loved to preach

With Punch and Judy on the beach

Came the Sainsbury’s who taught us more

But nothing to do with the famous store.

There was Doris and Roger, a lovely pair

Who showed us how to love and care

And Steve and Anne who moved away

We miss them more than we can say.

There’s Timothy and Cynthia out in Greece

Teaching God’s words of love and peace

To Bangladesh Gundula went

Teaching how Christ’s human life was spent

How to love God and one another

And treat each one as their brother.

We have the Taylors, an exceptionally friendly bunch

And Brian’s sermons are full of punch.

Our Kath is supreme at the Welcome Cup

Supplying the teas and coffees we love to sup

Suzanne, Janet and dear kind Bruce

Make the Welcome a pleasure for us to use.

Dave’s sermons leave us deep in thought

Isn’t that how the Disciples taught?

At 10.30 before Church starts

We pray for friends close to our hearts

And we have a regular Prayer Chain

For those who are sick and in such pain.

Our Home Groups, supervised by Paul

Are greatly appreciated by one and all.

Our Elders do an excellent job

Considering we’re such a diverse mob.

What would we do without Martin Mole.

Who with Bryan’s help, bares his soul.

With Steve and Swee on piano and Andy on guitar

What a harmonious trio they are

Debbie’s voice so tuneful and clear

I nominate her for The Voice this year.

Margaret’s a wizard on Overhead

Particularly when the screen goes dead

She sorts everything out in a flash

‘Twould bring you and me out in a rash.

With our lively choir, we sing loud and clear

All the hymns we hold most dear.

Pamela and Stewart are always there

To console us, help us with a prayer.

There’s Nancy serving coffee or tea

Before the service and it’s plain to see

She loves to play her special part

By putting us all in good heart.

There’s Brenda who literally must spend hours

Thinking about buying and arranging the flowers.

Our social life is full of fun

Really enjoyed by everyone

There’s a talent show and several quizzes

What will be next – Mr. & Mrs.?

Avnish, Ian and Martin at the back

Keep music and sound right on track

What a mess we would be in

With no-one to control the dreadful din.

Sunday School numbers are a little bleak

We need Gold’s help for us to speak

To those with children in their care

About God’s forgiveness and love everywhere.

Sadly, Sue has left our friendly scene

‘Cos she has moved to Leverstock Green

We wish her peace and joy and love

And God’s blessing from above.

Pauline and Jim are in pastures new

Did God advise them what to do?

But luckily for us, one brilliant day

The Wilson family came our way

They settled down without a fuss

We’re really glad they’re one of us.

We pray God’s love will always be

With this lovely family.

I think all of us at Carpenders Park

Try to hold that little “spark”

That helps us through each coming day

And with God’s help, that’s how we’ll stay.