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Carpenders Park Church                                                                                                                                               Privacy Notice

  1. This notice explains how we, Carpenders Park Church, use the personal data of people who are part of our congregation. It also explains how we follow the law about privacy and personal data.
  2. Personal data is information about people such as name, contact details, health, or beliefs. Even if a name is not attached to the information, it is still personal data if someone could work out who the information is about.   
  3. Carpenders Park Church is a charity led by trustees. In law, the trustees are the ‘Data Controller’.
  4. There are different reasons why the law lets us collect and use your information.  Sometimes it’s because
    1. you gave your consent: in this case we can only use it if you have told us we can, or
    2. we need to, so we can carry out our normal activities as a church as part of our ‘legitimate interest’, or
    3. the law says we have to, or because we need to in order to protect someone’s life or health.  
  5. Here’s how we use personal data of those in our congregation, and on which basis from the box above:
    1. If you want to receive information about services, activities, and the life of the church, we will ask for your contact details. The law says that in providing those details you gave us your consent to hold those details for the agreed purposes. You can ask for your details to be deleted at any time.
    2. The different people who send out church information will have your details and keep them on password/code protected computers or phones. We will not give this information to anyone else.
    3. You can ask us to send other people in the church things you would like us to pray for. If you’re telling us about someone else, we need to check that they are happy for the information to be shared (unless it’s something that’s obviously public, e.g. it’s in the news).
    4. You may choose to receive pastoral care from someone on the pastoral care team. They may keep a written record of this. In some situations, it may be necessary for them to share information with the leaders of the church. We will normally tell you when we do this. It is part of the normal activity of a church to offer pastoral care, so the law lets us keep written records such as these. Ie we have a “legitimate interest”. We have a policy about pastoral care that we use to make sure we take extra care with this information. You can ask to see the information we have about you, at any time. You can ask us to change it or remove it. If we do not change the information, we will explain to you why not. For example, it might be a safeguarding concern.
    5. Very rarely, we may share information you told us was private, with healthcare professionals, police or social services, if we think someone’s life or health is at risk if we don’t.
    6. If you bring children to a church service and want them to take part in children’s activities, we will write their names and ages on a register. The law allows us do this because we need this information to run the class.  If you do not want to give us this information, your child will not be able to take part in those activities but can stay with you in the service. This register is used by the leaders of children’s activities and stored at the school.
    7. If you donate money to the church we may need to keep certain information e.g. your address details. The law lets us do this, as we must keep HMRC records.  We keep the information on password/code protected computers/phone, and on paper at the home of our treasurer (who is a charity trustee).  
    8. If someone who works for the church (either paid or as a volunteer) has a safeguarding concern about someone connected to the church, the law says we must record this, and sometimes give information to others, such as the police. We have a safeguarding policy that says what we must do.
  6. If we collect personal data to run an activity in the community, then there is a privacy notice for that activity.  We display the notice when we run those activities and on the website if there is an activity web page. If you would like to become a church member, we will give you written information about how your personal data is used as a member.
  7. If you have any questions about how we use your information, or would like to see our privacy policy (or other policies), please contact our Church Secretary (one of the trustees) Martin Blake on 07949 853 928 or If are not happy with our response, you have the right to complain to the Information Commissioners Office.

                Carpenders Park Church, registered charity no. 294977, May 2022