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Coming Services

Sunday Services normally held at St Meryl School at 11am had to be cancelled due to the COVID-19 restrictions.
However now restrictions have been eased we are resuming some services in a COVID-19 secure way at the school.
See below as to what our current plans are:-

Current Plans are on the topic of  “Being Prepared”.

8  May  The Day is Near Rom 13:11-14 Lead-Brian Tayor   Preach-Steve Motyer

22 May  To Offer Yourselves  Rom 12:1-2  Lead-Andy Coomar  Preach-John Knight  Communion

5 June To Serve One Another Rom 12:3-8  Lead-TBA  Preach-Andy Coomar   Pentecost

26 June To Act In Love Rom 12:9-16   Lead-Bryan Jukes  Preach-John Knight   Communion

10 July To Do What Is Right Rom 12:17-21  Lead-Dave Sims  Preach-Bryan Jukes

24 July To Pay Your Debt Rom 13:8-10   Lead-Brian Taylor  Preach-Robert Dear  Communion