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Elders Message

Dear Members & Friends
So there we have it. At a church meeting on 28th June it was accepted that, as things stand, Carpenders Park Church has no long-term future. There are several reasons for this, a main one being that, for different reasons, the elders are unable to continue to carry out their responsibilities beyond the end of this year. This situation had been foreshadowed by a letter to all members and friends of CPC so the meeting was not presented with any surprises. It was agreed that we should continue with Zoom services during July and August and that, from September (Government rules allowing), we should meet for a service once a month at St Meryl School, with a Zoom service on one or more of the remaining Sundays in those months. A further church meeting – either via Zoom or in person – will be held in September.
While this situation is very sad, it is by no means the absolute end of things. Let’s take on board the fact that we are not turning away from God; simply recognising that this work is coming to an end and that other opportunities may arise to serve God. For example, there are no reasons why Home Groups, or something similar, should not continue to meet (again, Government rules allowing) for fellowship and to learn about, and discuss, the word of God. There might, for some, be opportunity to attend other churches and there develop new Christian relationships and ways of serving the Lord. And let’s not forget that we are still Christians and our attitudes, actions, and examples towards others might make a difference in their lives and lead them to salvation. There is also the sliver of a possibility that another church organisation may wish to establish a church in this area. If this were to come about it would be the answer to many prayers, but that organisation may have plans of its own which would simply not fit with our situation.
What I am trying to say is that, yes, this is a sad time. But God has plans for all of us. We give thanks for the way He has provided for us over the years and provided us with a chance to serve Him. But now, a new page is about to be turned; a new chapter for each of us is about to begin; and, despite the changes that are to come, God remains at the centre of our lives.