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Elders Message

The Bible tells us that a Christian is someone who has put their ‘faith in Jesus Christ’, and made a definite commitment to follow him. As a result of this step of commitment, they have been ‘born again’ – which means being radically changed by God on the inside. The rest of their Christian life involves learning to let this inward change affect every area of their lives. Putting your ‘faith in Jesus Christ’ involves accepting:

  • That you have been living your own life, away from God. Tell God how sorry you are for doing this, and make a definite decision to change, to turn from this old way of life and to start living God’s way. The Bible calls this repentance.
  • Jesus died on the cross for you. This means that he has forgiven you no matter how you feel, and that all your past sins have been dealt with and need no longer have any hold on you.
  • Jesus rose from the dead. This means he will give you the power to live the new life now, and that you can be sure that you will live with God beyond death and through all eternity. Believe it!

In response to you taking these steps of commitment, God then comes to change you on the inside. By the power of his Spirit, you are ‘born again.’ You become a new person. You are given a new ‘heart’ and you are starting a new life.

Life with God, through all eternity. What could be better?

At this point you are beginning a journey. You have taken the first steps to get started. How do you move on? Some or all of the following may be helpful:
1.  Tell people about the commitment you have made. Don’t keep it to yourself.
2.  Ask the Holy Spirit to fill you. Fill you from top to bottom with God’s love.
3.  Read the Bible and pray for God to show you from it the steps you should take.
4.  Join a church. When you are born again you are born into a family. In your spiritual infancy you will need a lot of care.       Ask the leaders for help.