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What we Believe

God is our creator
  We believe that this world belongs to God. He made it and he made humankind to have a special relationship with himself. The restlessness, frustration or emptiness that so many people feel is because something deep inside them is telling them that they were made to have a relationship with their eternal Creator. They can find no real inner rest without that relationship.


We have messed things up!  The reason that so many people are unhappy and that our world is filled with broken families, depression, violence, murder, hatred, war, famine and the destruction of the planet is because human beings have become separated from their creator. From the beginning we have chosen to go our own way and ignore God. The Bible calls this rebellion ‘sin’ and it is this which has separated us from God.

God has not given up  Despite our rebellion, God still loves us and in the Bible he has shown us how bad our condition is and what we need to do to be rescued from it. He has shown us that our main need is to be come into a relationship with him. In order for this to happen, the ‘sins’ that separate us from God have to be dealt with.

Jesus is the Answer  Jesus Christ shows us what God is really like because he is God in a human body. He became a man to show us by dying on a cross for us, in order to take the punishment for our sins. It was like paying the ransom to set us free from the mess we are in and so we can come into a relationship with God.

A new life  When we put our faith in Jesus Christ, God wipes away all the sins that have separated us from him, and, more than that, he makes us new people on the inside. The Bible calls it being ‘born again’. He does this through his Spirit who helps us stay in a relationship with God and gives us power to live the life God wants us to live.

God has a purpose for you  One day, Jesus is going to return to our world and restore all things back to God’s original purpose. In the meantime, he is giving the opportunity for everyone to put their faith in him and for all who do to be involved in the process of turning this world back to God’s purpose. Each of us have a destiny to change our world. You have the chance not only to have a relationship with God and start a new life, but also to play your part in changing our world.


CPC is a Non-Denominational Church

A non-denominational church is a church that does not belong to any particular denomination. CPC is an independent Church (and charity) with five core beliefs as set out in its Constitution (see below**).

The only body to which CPC is currently affiliated is the Evangelical Alliance.


Prior to 1984, having discerned the lack of a Christian Witness in Carpenders Park, local Christians of all denominations got together to praise and worship God in St Meryl School and the Community Hall.  Out of these informal beginnings CPC (formerly Carpenders Park Christian Group) was formed. It is the only Christian Church in Carpenders Park.


CPC currently has Christians who formerly would have described themselves (and perhaps still do) as Anglican, URC, Assemblies of God, Catholic, Baptist and probably more.


Partly because of our differing backgrounds, it is not unusual for preachers or bible study leaders to wander into territory that will raise eyebrows or divide opinion. We respect the diversity of culture, experience and doctrinal understanding that God grants to His people and acknowledge that many differences over issues not essential to salvation may well remain until the end of time. We as a church are therefore happy for believers, using Gods Word for guidance, to make up their own minds before God on such matters.


Major decision making at CPC is via the Church Members Meeting. The Trustees often give a lead, but this is in a recommending or advisory capacity.


**We believe:

  1. In God, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, as Creator, Saviour and Lord.
  2. That Jesus Christ, as described in the Scriptures, was crucified for the sins of men and rose again to be the Saviour of those who put their faith in Him. He alone is the Way, the Truth and the Life. We believe He will come again at the end of the age to establish God’s kingdom.
  3. In the Holy Spirit who lives in each Christian seeking to make him or her more like Jesus.
  4. In the Bible as the Word of God and as the final authority in all matters of belief and practice.
  5. That God calls all His people to enjoy a personal relationship with Him, to live for Him and serve Him by showing love to others and sharing with the whole world the Good News of Jesus Christ.