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What we Believe

God is our creator
  We believe that this world belongs to God. He made it and he made humankind to have a special relationship with himself. The restlessness, frustration or emptiness that so many people feel is because something deep inside them is telling them that they were made to have a relationship with their eternal Creator. They can find no real inner rest without that relationship.

We have messed things up!  The reason that so many people are unhappy and that our world is filled with broken families, depression, violence, murder, hatred, war, famine and the destruction of the planet is because human beings have become separated from their creator. From the beginning we have chosen to go our own way and ignore God. The Bible calls this rebellion ‘sin’ and it is this which has separated us from God.

God has not given up  Despite our rebellion, God still loves us and in the Bible he has shown us how bad our condition is and what we need to do to be rescued from it. He has shown us that our main need is to be come into a relationship with him. In order for this to happen, the ‘sins’ that separate us from God have to be dealt with.

Jesus is the Answer  Jesus Christ shows us what God is really like because he is God in a human body. He became a man to show us by dying on a cross for us, in order to take the punishment for our sins. It was like paying the ransom to set us free from the mess we are in and so we can come into a relationship with God.

A new life  When we put our faith in Jesus Christ, God wipes away all the sins that have separated us from him, and, more than that, he makes us new people on the inside. The Bible calls it being ‘born again’. He does this through his Spirit who helps us stay in a relationship with God and gives us power to live the life God wants us to live.

God has a purpose for you  One day, Jesus is going to return to our world and restore all things back to God’s original purpose. In the meantime, he is giving the opportunity for everyone to put their faith in him and for all who do to be involved in the process of turning this world back to God’s purpose. Each of us have a destiny to change our world. You have the chance not only to have a relationship with God and start a new life, but also to play your part in changing our world.


Becoming a Christian  
Some people think that you are a Christian if you have been baptised, if you believe certain things or if you were born in a so-called ‘Christian country’. But the Bible tells us that a Christian is someone who has put their faith in Jesus Christ, and made a definite commitment to follow him. As a result of this step of commitment, they have been ‘born again’ – which means being radically changed by God on the inside. The rest of their Christian life involves learning to let this inward change affect every area of their lives.
Realise that you have been living your own life, away from God. Tell God how sorry you are for doing this, and make a definite decision to change, to turn from this old way of life and to start living God’s way. The Bible calls this repentance.
You won’t be able to keep this new life up in your own strength. The next step therefore is to decide to put your faith in Jesus Christ. This involves accepting:

  Jesus died on the cross for you. This means that he has forgiven you no matter how you feel, and that all your past sins have been dealt with and need no longer have any hold on you.

Jesus rose from the dead. This means he will give you the power to live the new life now, and that you can be sure that you will live with God beyond death and through all eternity. Believe it!

In response to you taking these steps of commitment, God then comes to change you on the inside. By the power of his Spirit, you are ‘born again.’ You become a new person. You are given a new ‘heart’ and you are starting a new life. What could be better?

You are beginning a journey. You have taken the first steps to get started. How do you move on?
1.  Tell people about the commitment you have made. Don’t keep it to yourself.
2.  Get Baptised. Speak to the leaders of the church about this public display of your commitment.
3   Ask the Holy Spirit to fill you fill you from top to bottom on the inside.
4.  Read the Bible and pray for God to show you from it the steps you should take.
5.  Join a church. When you are born again you are born into a family. In your spiritual infancy you will need a lot of care.       Ask the leaders for help.